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How to network as a professional as a freelancer

You can connect to freelance platforms to meet clients and collaborators on your freelance projects.

Getting to know more people in your industry will always be a good thing. We never know where the opportunities will come, networking like a pro will be key to growing your business and more customers. In the age of virtual work, it is very important to take the initiative to come out and meet new people. After all, working indoors will never meet anyone. Making new friends will also help you stay healthy or learn trading tricks.

Now how can a freelancer become a professional? Here are some tips to know.

1. Try to identify what you want to achieve

What do you expect to achieve online? Depending on your goal, you will choose to employ different types of professionals. Otherwise, you will spend a lot of time befriending random people.

Here are some examples of network goals based on your goal:

Get a new client: Freelance translators looking for a long-term client can contact the managers or HR specialists of the companies they are interested in. You can also connect to freelance translation platforms.

Recommendations: New freelancers who want to start their own business can generate word of mouth by interacting with thought other influences or teachers.

Mentors: Get more insights from experienced professionals through social networking or networking events. People have their own reasons for networking, so don’t limit yourself to these goals. Think about what you want to achieve and build your network based on those goals.

2. Attend a network event

Of course, you will need to attend networking events to meet new people. To make the most of these events, research about the speakers and the host organization before attending. If there is an event page, take a look at people who have RSVP red. Explore the professional experience of executives, CEOs, or thought leaders. Introducing yourself and handing out a business card can be the key to a long-term customer evaluation or a favorable deal.

3. Join shared workspaces

Teleworkers, freelancers, entrepreneurs and start-ups like to communicate in common spaces. So freelancers who want to build their own network and build real relationships can join shared jobs in their community.
Whether you’re a freelance designer creating illustrations or a freelance writer creating compelling copy, you can have a lot to offer beginners and professionals in these collaborative spaces. Activities such as lunch and learning and a happy hour also allow you to connect with people and stay motivated to complete your projects.

4. Reach through social networks

In the age of social media, businesses that need a professional are just posting online. This means you can easily find opportunities to offer support and value to potential contacts or customers.
Join your industry’s Facebook groups and you can find posts looking for a freelance designer or writer. If you find a post asking for UX strategies, you can offer expert advice and include a link to your website or portfolio. Do you know fellow freelancers who could take advantage of this opportunity? Mark them in the comments and they can return the service.

5. Get publicity

If you present yourself or your business in popular publications, your services may be popular. This is a great addition to a folder or a good conversation topic. Fortunately, it is easy to offer your knowledge to publications and professionals from around the world.
You can sign up as a source for Help A Reporter Out (HARO) and share your knowledge in exchange for media opportunities from established journalists or bloggers. For example, if you find a journalist writing an article for a freelance business start-up, your experience may be a good fit.

Network like a pro

Teleworking can make it difficult to connect with like-minded people. But if you know where to look, you’ll discover many opportunities to meet interesting people and build a strong network. Or you can also join freelance translation platforms to meet clients and collaborators on your freelance projects.

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