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6 tips for effectively expanding your LinkedIn network


Expanding your professional network LinkedIn is one of the first steps in gaining valuable leads and attracting leads. Here are six tips to do it effectively.

Did you know that LinkedIn attracts 277% more leads than Facebook and Twitter? Or that 35.5 million people got jobs from the person they were connected to on LinkedIn?
Whether you’re an entrepreneur, a job seeker, a freelancer, or a manager, being on LinkedIn makes sense. However, to take full advantage of the platform, you need to expand your network of professionals. This will increase your chances of attracting potential customers or employers. It will also help build a strong personal brand.

Here are six tips for effectively expanding your professional network on LinkedIn:

1 – Make your profile unique

First of all, your profile needs to impress. People will not want to interact with someone who does not have a profile photo, does not describe who is / what works and / or does not have a work or education history in their profile.
So, it would be best if you optimized your LinkedIn profile to make sure it stands out and looks trustworthy. For starters, have a friendly but professional profile photo and tell people what you do with your biography and other profile fields. What’s more, the “about me” section should have relevant keywords so that the right people can find you.

2- Be active and write often

The more active are on LinkedIn, the more likely people are to notice you. When your connections are related to your post, the post may appear in their communication feed. And if the content is interesting enough, these secondary links can send you a sign-up request.

That’s why you should post regularly and be invited to participate. Most import, make sure your posts are valuable, interesting, and engaging. You can even ask professional social media writers to help you.

3- Share images that grab attention

Like all other social networks, Images is powered by LinkedIn. Records with images include twice as much as those without. In addition, larger images have a 38% higher clickthrough rate than other images.

So share high-quality images and original graphics to get more out of your LinkedIn posts. You can have high quality photos or graphics with your posts. Or you can even share bite-sized tips and insights through original infographic-type images. Hire social media design experts to create eye-catching and unique images for your LinkedIn posts.

4- Publish LinkedIn articles

LinkedIn not only shares links to articles from your blog, but also allows you to publish articles as local content. It’s a great way to share original insights and blog article reviews so people can read them without leaving the platform.

It also increases the visibility of your LinkedIn profile, as the article can be searched both on and off the platform. This means that people searching for a topic on Google can find it in their search results. This increases your chances of attracting more connections to expand your network.

If you need help writing informative and engaging LinkedIn articles, work with freelance writers.

5- Send personalized login requests

Sending connection requests without context can work to some extent. However, it helps to personalize your requests to create a good first impression and create conditions for future participants. Let them know why you’re connecting, or remind them where you met so you can make it easier for them to connect with you.

6- Make connections to strengthen your relationship

It’s not enough to just post as soon as you want and expect people to get involved. To nurture your relationship, you need to dedicate yourself and make connections. As a result, they are more likely to engage with your content in the future and your profile will be directly in front of their links.

Expand your network and gain more leads
Expanding your professional network LinkedIn is one of the first steps in gaining valuable leads and attracting leads.

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