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9 best sites to create animation

9 best sites to create your own animation!

Want to create a video animation? Here is a list of the nine best animation sites.

Animations are fun, engaging, humorous, and appeal to people from all backgrounds. This is what makes them a great tool for connecting with your audience. For example, animations can make traditionally dull topics more interesting or turn a trending topic into a more engaging piece of content.

But one question remains: how do you create animations that win attention, engage your audience, and build trust? In the early days, it took a great deal of skill, detail, time, and money to create animations. Here are our top picks for the best animation sites to use to bring your visions to life.

1. Animal Creator

Can’t afford to hire a graphic designer or agency? Consider using Ani maker to create your own animation.
You can also create 2D animations, infographic videos, typographic videos, board videos, handmade videos, and GIFs.
Ani maker has the largest animation library and more than 90 templates for creating killer animations. There are various pricing plans, but you can get started for free and download up to five videos.
You can sign up for a free plan or choose one of the top-quality plans to access more features.

2. Moovly

With Moovly, you can create animation from a blank canvas and create scenes however you like.
The site offers many unique graphic libraries and over 1 million free videos, sounds and images.
You can also browse an additional 75 million media items and buy videos or images at the lowest price on the market.
Moovly offers pricing plans for every creative need, including a free plan.

3. Squad

Powtoon lets you create an animation in minutes.
The visual communication platform has a huge selection of animated templates for creating fully customized and professional videos.
You can edit the template and tell your unique story. And customize images, animations, soundtracks, or footage to bring your vision to life.
The best part is you can create videos with or without experience (for free). The free Powtoon plan has limited features and videos with watermarks, but you can upgrade to premium plans to remove watermarks and access more features.

4. Bite

Biteable helps you create rich, colorful, and playful videos for your product pages, websites, and social channels.
It offers everything you need to create jaw-raising content, including 1 million images, more than 800,000 footage clips, and thousands of animations.
You can also choose an animated template from the Biteable library and make it your own.
Biteable also has a free plan with unlimited exports, although the videos have a watermark. Its paid plans provide more features and allow you to add your own watermark and brand.

5. Animatron

Animatron is a free animation platform that offers animation kits for creating animations.
You get animated videos and GIFs with music, sounds, or stories. Create and edit scenes in the timeline, add text, import photos or images, and insert HTML5 code.
A free version is available, but you are limited to five public projects. The Premium plan allows you to get background photos and more objects that can be added to the animation.

6. Voki

Voki helps students and teachers create and use animation for educational purposes.
Teachers can liven up classroom learning, grab students ’attention, and increase engagement and understanding of lessons.
Unlike other animation sites, Voki does not allow you to create animation from scratch. Instead, you’ll need to create custom avatars and include voice messages to present highlights, add questions, or engage students.
The basic Voki plan is free, but has limited features, but there are three paid levels with more benefits and features.

7. Toonator

Toonator is a free, easy-to-use, and fun animation site that lets you create animation from scratch or upload and edit graphics created by others.
If you have a tablet, you can create an animation using your pen or fingers. You can select a library of cartoon clips that you can select and edit (or enhance) to your liking.

8. Anapus

Vyond offers a variety of opportunities to create animated videos for training, marketing, sales or presentation purposes.
Includes templates for quick animation, along with free videos and images to enhance your content. You can also use voice recordings or audio files to add lip sync to your characters.
Vyond does not offer a free plan, and its prices are much higher than other animation sites.

9. Renderforest

With Renderforest, you can create 2D or 3D animations for your explanatory videos, promotional content, or fun animation.
The online animation creator offers 200 video templates, icon resources, and cloud-based tools. You can use them to change text, adjust scenes, and create great animations.
Renderforest can also choose from a variety of pricing plans, including a free plan with unlimited video exports.

Start creating animations today
Animation has always attracted people of all ages and cultures.
So, whether you want professional animation for your organization or fun videos for education or entertainment, these great animation sites can help you create and inspire your audience.

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