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A description of CREATE in the creative summary

A description of CREATE in the creative summary

Take a detailed look at the benefits and elements of a creative guide and why it’s worth creating it for another project.

Creativity is not just about innovation and imagination; it is also structure and planning! When it comes time to start your next creative project, starting with a creative message can be your ticket to success. The key elements of a creative instruction offer a comprehensive and workable plan that supports your project and allows it to reach its creative potential. This is a mutually beneficial project!

What is a creative summary?

The simple creative summary is a document that discusses the inspiration and strategic needs of the project. Think of it as a user guide where all the participants are on the same page. The goal is to create a review of the work and a handbook with requirements, announcements, audience information, and everything else that will help the project move forward. This allows you to create a single document that can be sent to all stakeholders and team members. Really very helpful!

A short definition of a creative template

When you will most likely have more than one project on the creative horizon, creating a short creative template will save you precious time. While each project is different and will have a unique set of needs, a template with some basic formatting and information can be customized for each new project.
How exactly this template looks and who will fill it in often depends on who is creating it. If you are an agency, a short creative template will focus on the various tasks that will need to be solved, leaving room to address specific brands and customer preferences. It will then usually be completed by the account manager or even the creative director in close collaboration with the client. If you’re an in-house creative services team, you may want to focus more on branding and communications, leaving room for flexible project information. In this case, the team leader, familiar with the internal workflow, can complete it. After all, a creative short template is a tool and, like all tools, it is best used for a specific job.

The main elements of a creative message

Once you have identified the role that creative instruction will play in your project, the next task is to write! Of course, knowing exactly what to add is a skill that will evolve over time, but these short creative example topics can save you time in advance and reduce all possible team questions.

Title and project background

This may seem obvious, but the title of the project and the presentation of the context is essential. When you see the bigger picture, the pieces can merge. If all team members understand what a project is, they will understand why they are part of it.

Objectives and results

Here things become concrete. Be clear about what needs to be done and make sure goals are measurable and achievable. This will ensure that the inspiration for the project translates into the final product. Plus, you can look back and make sure all the goals have been achieved. Check it out!

Target audience

Don’t underestimate the knowledge of your audience. If you don’t know who your audience is, you can’t create one that would meaningfully engage them. When thinking about your target audience, ask questions. Are they existing or potential customers? What is their age, gender and income level? What are their interests and motives? It’s like buying a good gift for someone, the better you know, the better the gift will be.


Think of this section as a project route. People from different departments are likely to work, all of whom will work together, and here that work is highlighted – who is who from the team. Identifying the key stakeholders for your project will make things transparent and save a lot of time when approval is needed or feedback is requested.

Get creative now!

At the end of the day, knowing how to create creative briefs means more than just making outlines and strategies; it is about promoting team collaboration. A well-written summary allows everyone to be the best in terms of both creativity and productivity. By using these elements of creative instruction, people can stay motivated and excited, ensuring a smooth path from start to finish of the project. Now it remains to be creative!

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